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War of 1812 Marker

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Birthplace of Master Commandant Richard Somers, USN
        Marker shows the birthplace of Richard Somers – born September 15, 1778, died 1804. He was the great grandson of John Somers, original settler. His father, Col. Richard Somers inherited this property from his father, Richard Somers, builder of the mansion. Master Commandant Richard Somers received his warrant as midshipman on April 30, 1798 and shortly thereafter he was assigned to the frigate United States under the command of John Barry. He was made lieutenant in 1799 and took command of the Nautilus in 1803. In 1804, he was promoted to Master Commandant. In the war between the United States and Tripoli from 1801 to 1805, Richard, considered to be a daring young naval officer, was given the task of blockading the harbor of Tripoli where the enemy was at anchor. On September 4, 1804, Richard Somers and his crew loaded the Intrepid with gunpowder and headed into the flotilla. With the premature blast of the gunpowder, the mission was not a success.  Numerous memorials were given to Master Commandant Somers, including the honor of having seven ships named USS Somers, and a monument at the US Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD.