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Mayor Reilly, Sally Hastings, Morgan Gerety, Councilman Kirk Gerety

May 8, 2004 Grand Opening

The Somers Point Historical Society was established in 1987 by some concerned citizens when several buildings in our community were slated for demolition. A group of about eight people banded together and incorporated as the Somers Point Historical Society with the goal to preserve older buildings in Somers Point and to preserve our local history, past and present. Much effort was put into saving a lovely Victorian home at 905 Bay Avenue once owned by the McCann Family and Adolph Kapella. The building was torn down and is today a parking lot.

Soon afterward, Old City Hall was slated for demolition. Through the effort of the society members, it was saved from demolition and rehabilitated into the Atlantic County Library/ Somers Point Branch.

The Historical Society was also instrumental in funding and applying for National Historic Recognition for the Bay Front Historic District. Much support is given to these homes to preserve them.

For fifteen years it was the goal of the society members to establish a museum and to actively collect and preserve pictures and records of Somers Point, past and present. That goal was met in May of 2004 when the Somers Point Historical Museum was opened to the public. The museum utilizes the former public library and former Baptist Church that was built in 1886. The building has been almost totally rehabilitated for use as the museum and for programs held by the society. Membership to the nonprofit historical society has grown since the opening in 2004. The museum is staffed by volunteers.

Donations of pictures, memorabilia, and items related to Somers Point are always appreciated.

Membership Application

Sally Hastings - President
Jim Foreman - Vice President
Carol Halvorson - Treasurer
Dr. Jeanne Carlson -Recording Secretary





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